Driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit that fuels the trucking industry, Bryan founded Big Strappers in 2015. Having been in the game for most of his life, he wasn’t satisfied with the t-shirts and other accessories that were already available for the trucking industry, he had his own vision. A vision of style and quality that reflected how the trucking industry actually was. T-shirts that show off real trucks, real chrome, real lights. Accessories that were made specifically for truckers, not as an after thought. So thats what Bryan did. Along with his wife, Crystal, they came up with design after design and went to town.


Now in 2019 we have a new look and a tighter selection, but the goal of Big Strappers is the same: give the trucking industry and all the people who support it products that surpass all the other brands out there, made with them specifically in mind. We are extremely excited to relaunch with 6 designs - some old some new, air fresheners, and hats. We know Big Strappin’ Aint Easy; prove you do too.