Frequently asked questions

What is a Big Strapper?

Someone that is doing very well for themselves. Derived from the old school suspender wearing capitalists.

Why are our T-shirts special?

Big Strappers Always has and always will be a tight knit company that supports the trucking industry, and its values. All of the apparel and accessories that Big Strappers offers is designed here, in the USA. Bryan and Joe have a strong relationship, and all of our art comes from a collaborative effort between them. The shirts are printed in Las Vegas, practically Bryan’s back yard. Our shirts are made tough, because we know the Big Strappin’ aint easy. Some times you are gonna have to hop on the ground and roll under your truck to fix something, or maybe you are tired of your shirts wearing out after what feels like just a few washes. We got you covered there. The 6oz, 100% cotton shirts can stand up to pretty much anything you throw at them. And you can feel good knowing you’re not wearing any artificial junk. What really sets Big Strappers apart from all the other guys out there is our intense creation and production process. Most standard screen printed t-shirts are 6 or less colors; they get the job done but they don’t have the same vibrancy that you will find on one of our iconic Big Strappers shirts. Our shirts have anywhere between 8 and 14 different colors on the back, this makes us the only company that can capture the lifelike small details: depth of the truck lights, the crispness of the chrome, the smoothness of the gradients. When you get a Big Strappers shirt, know that we went the extra mile to bring you the best and brightest t-shirt out there!